Do you have your own well? Connersville city water is tested frequently for bacteria, nitrates, and heavy metal contamination. But many of us living outside the city limits have our own wells and septic systems. If it has been a long time since you last tested your water, you can get a private test done by the same laboratory that monitors Connersville's water.

Sample test kits are available from 9 am - 4:30 pm at the USDA office at 2590 N. Park Road - just west of Expo Hall on the Fayette County fairgrounds.  You deal directly with the laboratory. Test results are sent sent directly to you. 

Drinking water tests are available at $25 each for Coliform bacteria, Nitrates, or heavy metals.

1. Pick up your sample bottle at the USDA office

2. Call the laboratory to arrange payment

3. Take the sample on Wednesday or Thursday morning and refrigerate it

4. Bring your sample to the USDA office before Thursday noon

5. Your sample will be picked up at noon and taken directly to the Lab. Your results will be mailed to you.



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